Monday, but Not as You Know It!

by Samantha Tran in MW Culture

It's a Monday morning.

Nine times out of ten I have just come from the gym across the road (thank you 10 am starts), so I'm feeling fresh and invigorated for a new work week and ready to tick off some of those to-dos.

I'll usually waltz (but I can't actually dance so it'll be more of a saunter or a stumble) into the office and sing (I also can't sing, so it's just a high pitch noise) my usual good morning to everybody. I definitely don't go make the first pot of coffee (not after the scarring incident where I spilled it EVERYWHERE), but while my colleagues sip theirs I open up my laptop and check the emails that have poured in from late Friday and over the weekend.

I spend some time responding to messages from our current accounts, potential clients, partners and potential partners, before delving into the enquiries that we receive usually via the project starter on our website.

When someone is interested in any of our services, whether it be logo design, branding, website design & development or digital marketing, I'm the person who will be leading the business and industry research before I put together a personalised proposal. I love this part of my role because I get to learn lots about a whole host of different industries. It's always keeping me on my toes and it reminds me that no two clients are ever the same. I love how everyone is passionate about something different and that comes across whenever I'm chatting to them or reading about what they do and where they're taking their business next.

Monday's come with our usual work-in-progress meetings led by the volunteer of the week. These are great because the team comes together to collaborate on pain points or celebrate recent achievements. There are also snacks.

Some Monday's consist of client meetings, these can be initial exploratory meetings or relationship building meetings. This is usually my chance to get a quick coffee fix and connect with a whole variety of people on both a business and personal level. If you'd like to meet with me then Monday is the perfect day –– just send me a message!

The afternoon usually consists of a short professional debate (realistically a scramble) between our web developer and I about who gets the office beanbag. Usually I win. So onto my beanbag I hop, where I continue with my research. A good chunk of time is spent on LinkedIn, searching for events or organising our own, and reading blogs and articles on developing relationships and businesses. I'll also be checking out open tenders across the creative field and chasing down the copious amounts of paperwork needed for submissions. A little bit of social media engagement is sometimes involved or a productive meeting might take place with team members involved in any of the projects that I manage.

Monday ends with a quick struggle to get out of the bean bag, final emails, to-do lists for the rest of the week and often a quick update meeting with our Creative Director.

I can't sing, I can't dance and I can't make coffee, but I can win beanbags and I love what I get to do on a Monday at Mo Works.

This post was contributed by Mo Works' BDE, Samantha Tran, and originally published on LinkedIn. Stay tuned from more days of the week tales from the Mo Works team.

Monday 25/06/2018
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