Presale Success of $3.7mil for Shping and Mo Works — ICO Marketing Agency

by Mo Works in Marketing Startup Business

ICOs have been on the rise, and attention has been drawn towards the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. For some, it's a means to make a quick buck, for others, it's about making conscious decisions to invest in real life solutions to real life problems.

With the abundance of ICOs popping up, it is easy for them to get lost. In fact, in 2017, $5.6 billion was raised from ICOs alone. This demand has generated the need for a specialised ICO marketing agency such as Mo Works.

Mo Works Creative Agency set the benchmark last year with their success of CanYa's ICO, raising $1.5 million in the presale and a staggering $12mil in their ICO. Their success coined them Australia's second largest ICO and will support the growth of the peer-to-peer marketplace.

Mo Works shows no signs of slowing down this New Year, reaching new heights with their recent success of Shping's $3.7mil Presale. Selling out with three days remaining, some participants missed the chance to participate in the generous bonus offer.

Shping, is a global shopper-marketing platform that rewards in cryptocurrency. They recently announced the early closure of their Presale after successfully reaching a hard cap of US$3m three days before its scheduled end date.

The amount raised will be used for the continued business development of the Shping app and the Shping Coin system in the regions of Australia, New Zealand, China & Singapore.

Shping chief executive officer & founder, Gennady Volchek expressed their appreciation, "We're astounded, humbled and incredibly grateful for the community who have rallied so passionately behind this project,".

"The people have voted with their wallets—they believe in this project and Shping Coin just as passionately as we do, and we do not intend to let them down."

Those who missed out don't need to be fear for too long, the CrowdSale will commence on the 22nd of February and will be live for 30 days or until sold out.

Together with Mo Works, Shping will continue to market their ICO and nurture the Shping community, building up momentum for the CrowdSale.

For Mo Works, they have proven themselves as a full-stack marketing agency with experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

"Mo Works is moving fast in the blockchain industry as a powerhouse for ICOs and product launching. It is very important for us to work on projects that excite us and we believe in, as this drives us to work hard to guarantee its success" said the creative director of Mo Works, Moayad Hamdouna.

As they continue in the industry, Mo Works continue to make real connections and partnerships with a board of advisors, lawyers and investors. Their knowledge and exclusive data collection is said to be well targeted, a weapon to their success.

"It fuels our marketing, the more we market to the crypto-enthusiasts, the more we learn about them, the more we can get in front of them and can trigger FOMO."

Mo Works acts as Shping's integrated marketing partner. Working closely with their marketing team and Founder, Mo Works is responsible for their agile marketing strategy, community management and design work.

"The next stage is going to be challenging, but it's also going to get easier. We've built a strong community who will continue to rally for Shping's success. With the new minimum purchase of 1000 SHPING (just US$10) buying Shping Coins will be even more accessible to prospective buyers as well"

To keep an eye on Mo Works' upcoming projects including, CryptoBnB, a vacations rental platform powered by blockchain and Invox Finance, a decentralised peer-to-peer invoice lending platform visit their ICO Marketing page or follow them on Twitter.

To sign up and take advantage of the upcoming Shping Token CrowdSale, head to

To find out more about Mo Works' ICO services, please contact [email protected]

About Mo Works:

Mo Works Creative Agency specialises in ICO Marketing and token sale launches. With full-stack in house capabilities across design, development, marketing and community management, you can trust Mo Works to fuel the success of your ICO.

Sunday 20/01/2019
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