Teamz Select a Strategic Community Partner, Mo Works, for Upcoming Business Summit

by Mo Works in MW Culture Marketing Startup Business

Two innovative teams, TEAMZ Inc. and Mo Works have announced their collaboration as strategic community partners for an upcoming business summit.

TEAMZ Inc. is hosting the Teamz Business Summit in Tokyo from March 22–23rd as the place to be if you're seeking out sophisticated investments from China, Japan and the US as a startup. Mo Works has been announced as their strategic community partner in a selective move to open up further opportunities between Japan and Australia.

"With the collaboration between TEAMZ Inc. and Mo Works, we are opening up even more opportunities that mightn't have occured between Japan and Australia" says Tianyu Ten Yang, CEO of Teamz.

Among the attendees of Teamz Business Summit are top investors such as Nick Yang Ning, who is the founder of angel investment fund LEBOX CAPITAL, chairman of the Chinese Young Angel Investor Association and vice-chairman of the Shaanxi Province Chamber of Commerce, and world renowned Anis Uzzaman, general partner and CEO of Fenox Venture Capital, a Silicon Valley-based VC, and board director of Tech in Asia.

The Mo Works team will be flying over to attend, show their support and assist in facilitating private meetings with funds and institutions in Japan for their clients, Shping and Invox Finance.

Shping is a Silver Sponsor of the Teamz Business Summit and are in the midst of riding the last stretch of their ongoing Crowdsale. Shping is a global shopper-marketing platform that rewards users in cryptocurrency. They launched their Crowdsale after a very successful Presale, reaching a hard cap of US$3m three days before its scheduled end date. With less than five days left in their Crowdsale, they have begun to put steps in place to honour their expansion plan, initiating business development of the Shping app and the Shping Coin system in the regions of Australia, New Zealand, China & Singapore.

Invox Finance, on the other hand, have recently opened their Presale and will be in attendance and speaking at the event to educate the audience on the solution they are bringing to the 2.85 trillion-dollar invoice financing industry.

Invox Finance is introducing a decentralised peer-to-peer invoice lending platform that will allow sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information throughout the entire invoice financing process. Invoice financing is a prevalent industry in Japan andInvox Finance expects their upcoming presentation to be a hit with those in attendance.

The creative director of Mo Works expresses, "Our goal is to form connections with educated investors for our clients, we have their best success in mind and understand the Japanese market is hot for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. By attending, we will continue to grow our network and recruit a stronger community for our current clients and future ones."

Mo Works have been selected as a strategic community partner having proven themselves as a full-stack marketing agency with experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. As a leading agency in the space, Mo Works has always worked to form real connections and partnerships with a selected board of advisors, lawyers and investors. Their knowledge, connections and exclusive data collection is said to be a weapon contributing to their success.

The Teamz Business Summit will be taking place at The University of Tokyo on March 22nd and the Shangri La in Tokyo on March 23rd. Tickets are available on their website.

To keep an eye on Mo Works' upcoming and ongoing projects, visit their ICO Marketing page or follow them on Twitter, and too find out more about Mo Works' ICO services, please contact [email protected]

About Mo Works:

Mo Works Creative Agency specialises in ICO Marketing and token sale launches. With full-stack in house capabilities across design, development, marketing and community management, you can trust Mo Works to fuel the success of your ICO.

Friday 14/12/2018
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